There isn’t a single thing that Whelan Cleaning does that doesn’t have safety built into it. Our main focus has always been to provide a safe working environment for our employees and our clients and our 35 years’ experience means that we’re able to identify any possible risk and either eliminate or mitigate it.
All our staff receive the most rigorous training both in accordance with industry standards and our own stringent Health and Safety model. As the environment changes, so does our policy.

Currently our staff training includes:
 General Health and Safety introduction
 Provision of safety statements to clients
 Safe Passes
 Provision of Risk Assessments and Safety Statements on all contracts.
 Annual safety audits
 First Aid
 Chemical Competence training
 COPC Levels 1,2 & 3
 Bodily fluids and sharps course

We firmly believe that by applying our own experience, paying close attention to best industry practices and adapting to changing Health and Safety regulations, we can continue to provide the safest environment and experience for our staff and clients.